Ever since I was a child, I have had inner visions that has appeared during relaxed states. Since my mothers passing in January 2022 my visions has escalated and I frequently wake up in the middle of the night by visions and messages from another realm. The experiences and insights I have recieved both before and after her passing are beyond what words can describe.

In december 2022 I woke up in the middle of the night by a distinct message to paint 10 painting depicting “Abundance, Bringing heaven on Earth.” The message came with authority and a form of urgency so I felt obliged to follow through.

Since I received clear premonitions from the source before my mothers passing, regarding how, when and where she would depart, I have learnt to trust the informations that comes through without questioning.

I have now completed my assignment and hope to be able to depict a fragment of what I am being shown.

Some of these motivs are from the time before the instructions was received and some are different variations of the same message.

Imaginary Bounderies 1

Imaginary Boundaries 2
Golden Light
The Opening
Divine Play

The Portal
Divine Feminine
Depth 1
Depth 2
As above, so below
The gateway/ AIR
Multidimensional Transcription