Multidimensional transcription

This image was channeled through me when I started my path on healing sounds. It is a frozen fragment of the nonverbal and nonlinear space that we can access during sound sessions when we come into altered states. It describes the messages that we receive from space when we let go of our restricted minds.

I made this painting years before my mothers passing but feel that it is still is a part of the whole project, beyond time and space.

Recently, I have started to speak a non-human language, AKA “Light Language”. These sound frequencies inhabitant multilayered codes that are not comprehendable for the mind but speaks through our emotions.

It is now, after I finally have finished my assignment, “Abundance; Bringing heaven on earth”, that I understand the meaning of the title.

Bringing heaven on Earth means to translate the codes and messages I receive from infinite space into the human experience on earth. It is about linking the two that are actually not separated as many of us think.

Abundance is the divine flow that has no start nor end and is in a constant flux. The opposite of what we are taught to believe in the world of limitations.