While I was waiting in the intensive care unite, during my mothers transition, I became aware of my own faulty believe system. I was sitting in the waiting room, in the hospital with my oldest daughter, while different people walked through the room several times while we were sitting there for several hours. Both my daughter and I were crying believing that this was the end. As though our existence has a begging and an end.

My realization came while the other realm was showing me an image of us sitting in the waiting room and then zooming out letting me know the entire surrounding. If we believe that existence has a beginning and an end, it is as if the world begins and ends in this room. As if the people that come and go are gone for ever just because we can not see them when they walk out of the room. In reality, the room extends into the whole hospital that is surrounded by the entire city that is surrounded by the entire world that is floating in an endless space.

The image of the room became a metaphor of our believed existential experience as something finit.

A few days later the image of my painting appeared showing me the imaginary boundaries that we tend to create. It came with the message:

“We are not limited to this life form.
We come from the infinite source and we return to the infinite source.”

The image itself shows our idea that life is a limited experience when in fact it is part of everything. The square in the middle is our idea of life that is isolated from the rest. The lines aroud the frame is solely a mental construction creating a imaginary boundary.

These two paintings shows the same concept but with different styles and size.