After creating the image of “The Gateway” with the element of Air, I needed to balance it up with an image depicting the element of Earth. This image came intuitively, while I was making it and created itself without me trying to control the outcome.

The drop of excess paint ran down from the leaf shape, creating what I see as the stem of a plant.

I have frequently seen the image of seeds in my mind that symbolically has a profound meaning. I see this as no coincidence that the image of the portal, that I have described in my previous paintings, has the same shape as this seed. The yoni, the seed and the portal carries the same powerful meaning of the divine feminine, of mother Earth.

I have a limited edition of 20 high quality heavy water colour paper prints, numbered & signed and stamped with my personal japanese hanko.
Price: 2300 kr (Excluding frame.)
DM to order.