About Ekoguld

EKOGULD uses gold purchased from Fairtrade and Fairmined certified projects. One of the projects, Oro Verde Green Gold Project (Colombia), is the only certified Fairtrade, Fairmined and ecological gold producer in the world. This means that not only do they work within Fairtrade standards, but the gold is panned without the use of chemicals such as mercury and cyanide. Other projects we source our gold from are Eco Andina (Argentina),  Cotapata coop (Bolivia) and Sotrami (Peru). Common for all these projects is that the gold is sourced in a safe, sustainable and ethical way by those who have inhabited the land for generations. The landowners are provided with grants to the restore any damage to the ecosystem caused by gold mining.

For those who wish, EKOGULD can also offer recycled gold as an alternative.

Our silver

EKOGULD sources it’s ecological and ethical silver from a water treatment project in Bolivia. The project is committed to restoring any previous environmental damage caused by gold mining. Through the purification process, excess minerals such as silver are collected and sold, further funding the project.

Each piece made by EKOGULD is crafted entirely by hand in our workshop in Stockholm. At times, casting is used to produce interesting and specific shapes. The task of precisely mounting our fair trade gems is given to experienced gem setters. All this takes place in Sweden by skilled and talented craftsmen.

Producing jewellery from ethical and ecological precious metals is labour intensive and requires commitment. The ecological gold we purchase is not for sale in Sweden, and as such arrives to us in pure 24 carat form and sometimes in 18 carat alloy casting grains. The process of getting this raw material into a form ready to sculpt requires melting the metal and producing our own alloys of the perfect carat and colour. This means that through the designing process, we can tailor our metals to suit your needs. The gold is then made into the right dimensions to then forge the correct shape for the piece.