Intuitive Jewelry

Intuitive Jewelry:

I create unique, personal and empowering pieces of fine jewelry. My sensitivity is my main tool to feel into what will bring you strength and the jewelry I make will be your constant reminder of your true value and worth.

I have a Masters degree in fine arts focusing on metalls so your creation will be a piece of art just made for you!

The first meeting is about you, your desires, your fears and your personal story. If you feel open for it, I will use my tarot card for more in depth guidance. Be open to whatever comes and be sure that everything needed will appear without any effort.

You can decide to just take this with you OR to proceed to the second stage of creating you own personal talisman. Price for this session is 1500 kr.

For long distance meetings we will meet online.

Second, we decide upon what price category that you wish to have for your creation. I have three price ranges depending on how much work I will put in the creating process of your piece.

1. The simple one: 1000 kr

2. Medium high: 1800 kr

3. De Lux: 3500 kr

The final stage: I will receive images that I will use to create your own personal empowering talisman! This unique piece of jewelry will be in tune with your core value and empower your true desires.

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