How this works?

First off, we schedule an appointment for about 30-45 minutes. We meet in my studio or through a video call. I tune in to your energy space, and we talk about your dreams and desires. If you feel open for it, I use my tarot card for more in depth guidance. This part is fun and you don’t need to feel any pressure at all! Just be open to whatever comes and be sure that everything needed will appear without any effort. This consultation is our first meeting and you can decide to just take this with you OR to proceed to the second stage of creating you own personal talisman. Price for this session is 1500 kr.

Second, we decide upon what price category that you wish to have for your creation. I have three price ranges depending on how much work I will put in the creating process of your piece.

1. The simple one: 1000 kr

2. Medium high: 1800 kr

3. De Lux: 3500 kr

The images below are categorized after these price ranges. Note that these are just example pieces that I have made for other clients. Every piece is totally unique.

The final stage: I will receive images that I will use to create your own personal empowering talisman! This unique piece of jewelry will be in tune with your core value and empower your true desires.

Sounds good? Give me a call and let’s book a date!

Clear quartz on silver chain.
Onyxes on a silver chain.
Agate, clear quartz and moonstones on a silver chain.
Agate & Turquoise on silver chain.
Lemon quartz silver bracelet.
Clear quartz on a curley silver ring.
Oxidized silver ring with frosted quartz.
Oxidized silver brooch.
Moonstone silver ring.
Onyx in oxidized silver ring.
Mystical clear quartz with inclusions wrapped in silver claws.
Silver necklace in a shape of a Celtic symbol for motherhood.