How this works?

First off, we schedule an appointment for about 45-60 minutes. We meet in my studio or through a video call. I tune in to your energy space, and we talk about your dreams and desires. If you feel open for it, I use my tarot card for more in depth guidance. This part is fun and you don’t need to feel any pressure at all! Just be open to whatever comes and be sure that everything needed will appear without any effort. This consultation is our first meeting and you can decide to just take this with you OR to proceed to the second stage of creating you own personal talisman. Price for this session is 1500 kr.

Second, we decide upon what price category that you wish to have for your creation. I have three price ranges depending on how much work I will put in the creating process of your piece.

1. The simple one: 1200 kr

2. Medium high: 1800 kr

3. De Lux: 3500 kr

The images below are categorized after these price ranges. Note that these are just example pieces that I have made for other clients. Every piece is totally unique.

The final stage: I will receive images that I will use to create your own personal empowering talisman! This unique piece of jewelry will be in tune with your core value and empower your true desires.

I also have a package deal with both a reading and a personal talisman for 2500 kr.

If you wish to purchase this service as a gift, I have it all set up on my webshop.

Sounds good? Give me a call and let’s book a date!

Here are different types of the price categories.

The simple one:

Clear quartz on silver chain.
For Anne. She is the protecter of children and helps the strive to their purest form of being. This mission is crucial for the worlds transformational process. Grey agate is a stone of strength, grounding, and protection. It is used for relieving fatigue, releasing positive energy, and removing the influence of negative thoughts and energy. It is often used as a calming stone that brings hidden meaning and information to the surface.
For J
Smoky Quartz and agate on a variety of silver chains. A necklace for inner peace.
This is specially designer for my beautiful friend J to strengthen her solar plexus = her truth/will power and simultaneously grounding her down to earth creating the balance between the two.

Medium High:

Lemon quartz silver bracelet.
For A.
This is a necklace that will stengthen her willpower and transmute negative energy. It will clear her mind and stir her soul to take action towards her hearts desires.
This is a talisman that will remind her of her worth, strength and unique traits.
For T.
She has the power to create change in the world just by being true. This mala will help her remember her purpose and never forget her unique value. It will help her be courageous and dare to lead fearlessly.
Citrine, Smokey Quartz and wood.


Opal silver ring.
For C. A mala for truth, wisdom and magic.
Lapis lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth while Labradorite is a stone-filled to the brim with mystical energy. The perfect combination for this powerful woman.
For Carina. She is a master healer and divine force of good. This symbol appeared during my meditation while contemplating on her talisman. The diamond is associated with the seventh chakra, the connector to our divine and our spiritual nature, these beautiful stones are said to unite mind and body into one being, promoting incredible power, emotional growth and loving energy.
For V. He is a highly sensitive soul with all the desirable traits of an empath. He has the ability to see through people and is an amazing creator. This talisman will remind him of his true calling so he can spread the light and love within.