How this works?

First off, we schedule an appointment for about 45-60 minutes. We meet in my studio or through a video call. I tune in to your energy space, using my tarot cards, and we talk about your dreams, desires and your current life circumstances. This part is fun and you don’t need to feel any pressure at all! Just be open to whatever comes and be sure that everything needed will appear without any effort.

Second, I receive images from the divine that I will use to create your own personal empowering talisman! This unique piece of jewelry will be in tune with your core value and empower your true desires.

We decide upon what price category that you wish to have for your creation.

I have three price ranges depending on how much work I will put in the creating process of your piece. The prices presented are based on a reading and the final piece.

1. The Simple One: 2500 kr

2. Medium High: 3500 kr

3. De Lux: 5000 kr

All prices are based on a “normal” amount of silver. If you choose to use gold or more silver for a larger piece, the material cost will be added to the amount.

If you wish to purchase this service as a gift, I have it all set up on my webshop. (this giftcard is based on the “simple one”. Let me know if you wish to order the higher price ranges.)

The images below are categorized after these price ranges. Note that these are just example pieces that I have made for other clients. Every piece is totally unique.

Första mötet bokar vi en tid på cirka 45-60 minuter. Vi träffas antingen i min studio eller via videosamtal. Jag läser in din energi och guidar dig till en trygg plats tillsammans med mig. Vi pratar om dina drömmar, önskemål och din nuvarande livssituation och om det känns rätt använder jag mina tarotkort. Vi tittar på möjligheter och vad som kan vara stärkande för just dig. Var bara öppen för vad som kommer och var säker på att allt som behövs kommer att dyka upp utan ansträngning.

I det andra steget använder jag mina inre visioner som jag kommer att använda som grund för att skapa din egen personliga stärkande talisman! Jag använder min av min intuition och håller mig öppen för vad som kommer ifrån vårt möte. Detta unika smycke kommer att vara i harmoni med dina kärnvärden och stärka dina sanna önskemål.

Vi bestämmer vilken priskategori du önskar för din skapelse.

Jag har tre prisnivåer beroende på hur mycket arbete jag kommer att lägga ned på skapandeprocessen av ditt smycke. Priserna som presenteras är baserade på en läsning och det slutliga smycket.

  1. Det enkla alternativet: 2500 kr
  2. Mediumhögt: 3500 kr
  3. De Lux: 5000 kr

Alla priser är baserade på en “normal” mängd silver. Om du väljer att använda guld eller mer silver för ett större smycke kommer materialkostnaden att läggas till beloppet.

Om du önskar köpa denna tjänst som en gåva har jag allt klart på min webbutik. (denna presentkort är baserad på det “enkla alternativet”. Låt mig veta om du önskar beställa de högre prisnivåerna.)

Bilderna nedan är kategoriserade efter dessa prisnivåer. Observera att dessa bara är exempel på smycken som jag har skapat för andra kunder. Varje smycke är helt unikt.

The Simple One:

For Amanda.
She had a flint stone that she had found and wanted to use it for her talisman. Flint is an exceptional grounding stone that extracts Earth’s purest vibrations. This energy is raw and extremely potent, thus aiding one on their quest of self discovery.
For A.
This is a necklace that will stengthen her willpower and transmute negative energy. It will clear her mind and stir her soul to take action towards her hearts desires.
This is a talisman that will remind her of her worth, strength and unique traits.
For Therese.
I cut and polished this amethyst be hand to enchance the the qualities of the crystal that opens her crown chakra and calms the mind.
For Anne.
She is the protecter of children and helps the strive to their purest form of being. This mission is crucial for the worlds transformational process. Grey agate is a stone of strength, grounding, and protection. It is used for relieving fatigue, releasing positive energy, and removing the influence of negative thoughts and energy. It is often used as a calming stone that brings hidden meaning and information to the surface.

Medium High:

For Agneta.
This spear is to remind her to stay true to her own will and the courage to stand her ground.
The Spear stands for courage and decisiveness. At the same time, it can symbolize power, victory, achievement, and strive. For some people this symbol can call on distorted power over others but for Agneta this is just the perfect totem! This world needs empathic women to lead us forward!
For Veronica.
This a ring made of her own quartz that she found in a cave in Sweden. Quartz is all about spiritual growth that is exactly what this powerfull woman is about.
For Me!
This pendant is made from a fossil I found on Gotland. It is a true gift from mother nature. I made it so the back is as visible as the front just as I wish to present myself to the world.
Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är tittibjerner_39401510_1951993001530067_3827382663275085824_n-1024x1024.jpg
For Ann-Marie.
She has a connection to the higher realms and the ability to clear negative energy. May these earrings strengthen her gifts and connection. Glass enamel and silverdust.


For Malin.
This agate is set into gold from her former wedding rings. The agate calms and helps the wearer to balance the transdimensional realms and the physical world keeping her feel safe in her body.
For Tami.
I cut this agate in the shape of a yoni. The yoni represents the vagina as well as the womb and original source of everything. It is a very strong and potent symbol and is here carried together with pearls that enchances inner glow, tapping into her inner wisdom.
For Carina.
She is a master healer and divine force of good. This symbol appeared during my meditation while contemplating on her talisman. The diamond is associated with the seventh chakra, the connector to our divine and our spiritual nature, these beautiful stones are said to unite mind and body into one being, promoting incredible power, emotional growth and loving energy.
Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är tittibjerner_97168537_275093343891205_7558300425122248019_n-1024x1024.jpg
For J.
May these earrings bring direction and calrity for this beautiful young soul. Sapphire is believed to attract abundance, blessings, and gifts. It has been used to protect against negative energies, as well as calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity.